Greenridge Roofing Services offers GRP Fibreglass roofing systems as the more durable alternative to traditional bituminous felt products for flat roofs.

The Advantages of GRP Fibreglass for your Flat Roof

Traditional bituminous felt products laid over board have a comparatively short life – 10 years at best, before they need to be replaced. The integrity of the materials starts to break down before then of course,  usually resulting in a series of patching-up jobs, which are inconvenient and temporary. In addition the installation of felt means using bituminous products , which are messy and can be harmful.

GRP Fibreglass has been innovated to provide a solution that lasts up to 50 years – and can carry a guarantee of up to 25 years. It lasts longer, and it is infinitely more flexible in its capabilities than traditional bituminous felt. It is now often used to replace lead on church roofs for example, where its ability to be coloured and styled makes it almost indistinguishable from the original material when viewed in situ.

Perfect for Small and Medium Flat Roof Projects

As an experienced GRP Fibreglass roofing material installer Greenridge’s services include strip-and-replace refurbishments and new installations for flat roof projects on houses and commercial buildings.

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We needed to replace our old flat roof and Greenridge roofing did a great job thank you

Mrs Vaults

Quick efficient and very helpful thank you the new roof looks fab

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